Download Liberia!  Featuring Mz Menneh

Download Liberia! Featuring Mz Menneh

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Mz Menneh is a popular neo traditional singer in Liberia, having been nominated for multiple "Liberia Music Awards" (The Liberian equivalent to the Grammies) and won twice, including the  "Female Artist of the Year" award in 2017 and the coveted "BEST ARTIST" award in 2018.

In Dream Rodeo's "Liberia!" album, she takes traditional Liberian Hymns and Gospel songs and collaborated with Dream Rodeo to make new creations out of them.  Rich with African textures and harmonies, combined with modern electronic music, as well as elements from all over the world, "Liberia!" album will fire pictures in your mind, and take you on a journey across jungles and though villages.  Welcome to Liberia!